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CDTexas.Com and

CDTexas and Nativetexas.Com

Any personal information submitted to this website will be held in strict confidence.

All financial transactions will be conducted on secure server links.

Email addresses will not be sold or traded.  Mailing lists will be available to sign up on to receive selected newsletters and special event and release notifications.

All accounts will be settled at the end of each month.
Payments will be executed as electronic deposits directly to your account or by paper draft  (check) sent by USPS, or by payment through .

Consignments of goods will be by contract (to protect your rights as consignee)

Fee Schedule:

Services:  Sales via the internet and mail order.
Payment processing will be via credit card, electronic debits, checks, paper drafts, or money orders,
executed through PayPal.Com (r) --online financial services.

With an initial consignment of (5) five CD's, free listing, 28% commission on sales--payout of 72% of list price on the website.

If CDtexas.Com purchases CD's, orders will be a minimum of (10) ten units at 65% of list
--considered an industry standard.

Web Page Addition--includes a biograph, up to 3 pictures (jpeg), and gig list--updated monthly
  $10 per month--with a six (6) month minimum, billed through PayPal.Com (r) --online financial services.

Domain registration ie: http://yourbandname.com.
  $25 set up,  $20 registration fee (annual fee to register a domain) and a $25 per month hosting service charge for your independent interactive website.

Market your own CD's and accessories on your own website, via a secure server link for a flat rate per transaction.

CDtexas.Com will promote the website thru a variety of print, audio, and electronic promotion.

CDtexas.Com supports independent Texas Music.


Email Support for any questions concerning our policy:
Please include your name and email address in the body of the message.
An email will be the most direct way to contact Support.
Or call 888-840-7824 and leave a message with the information above.

For more information about this page contact:
Nativetexas.Com and
307 South Main, Suite 201
Bryan, Texas  77803
Support:   888-840-7824

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