Norm Ballinger
"Up Till Now" CD

Songs and spoken word. An eclectic blend of Americana,
Blues, Celtic, African and god knows what other
influences using guitar, tongue drum, and kalimba

To listen to these sound samples, click on the link.  If your browser has a player it will stream the audio.  Otherwise download the mp3 file to your computer and play it with your favorite mp3 player.  Windows--right click and choose save file to disk.  Mac--click and hold--choose save file to disk.

The Songs
1)    Sunrise
2)    East of Town
3)    4th--23 second sample
4)    Gathering
5)    The Place
6)    Fixity
7)    Green love
8)    Strange Woman
9)    Elements of Barbara--32 second sample
10)  Shapely Mind
11)  Sun Roll Over
12)  Amen

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